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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I knew about my Cherokee ancestors, but knew nothing at all about Melungeons...then I learn that my Goodman's were among the first to settle Newman's Ridge TN about 1790 and were considered Melungeons by the town's people. Also just found out that other family members on same side had names many Melungeons had as well, back then, namely; Colley, Blevins, Riggs, & Evans.

To think I lived so long never really knowing who I was or where I come from. Now a day don't go by, I'm not searching in hopes of learning something new about a family member, like who they were, where they lived, and how they even lived...what they looked like and what were their hopes and dreams. Somehow in just researching I feel so close them.

I decided to start a website since that is all I was doing anyway, searching the net for my family and to learn more about the Native American, his way of life, his culture, and his personal life. I wanted to a one place especially for those looking for their Indian ancestors and Melungeons too ... also wanted a place where everyone could share with one another in hopes of helping each other find their illusive family members and make some good friends and maybe even meet a cousin or two :) soooo if anyone interested in genealogy, Native Americans, and or Melungeons, sure would love to have you over. When you get over there you can search the site...put in keyword who or what you interested in : got over 80 articles and hundred of photos and other info in the forums.

You can build your family tree for free too, (my son was so sweet and bought me the genealogy program...still got to make a few adjustments but it works a real good.) You can upload family photos and files and more. Also got some surnames lists, Indian names, tax List, census info, history and more to share. If you got something you would like to share or just want to look stop by!

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