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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

This Newspaper was published in Savannah, Tennessee which lies in Hardin County.

Jan 31, 1889 - Geo B. Mulidon, the hangman at Fort Smith,Ark., has held his office seventeen years and during that time has launched sixty souls into eternity. The last was that of a Choctow Indian convicted of murder on circumstantial evidence, and who died asserting his innocence.

Feb 2, 1889 - The Melugeons are a people of separate and distinct from all other people in Tennessee. They live in the mountains of East Tennessee. They are neither of the Negro or Indian races. They are dark, but of a different hue of the mulatto. The men are usually straight, dark and fine looking. It is a strange fact that for one hundred years or more this distinct people have lived in Tennessee and have not mixed with the people surrounding them - Tribune and Sun

Apr 11, 1889 - Bloodshed is expected over the settlement of Oklahoma Territory. Territory consists of about 2,000,000 acres, and it is said that there are already people enough on the border to preempt three times that amount.
Apr 25, 1889 - The Oklahoma boomers did not engage in killing each other as was expected, but built the town of Guthrie in one day.

May 2, 1889 - Some blood was shed in the settlement of Oklahoma, and many of the boomers left the territory because they could not find land to enter. Scarcity of water and food caused much suffering.

- A man traveled a long way to Oklahoma to get a piece of land. He took his wife and four little children with him. He staked off his land and squatted on it,he and his family undergoing many privations. Yesterday evening he was shot to death by two claim-jumpers.

- Kindhearted people made up a purse,buried the body of the husband and father,and sent the widow and orphans back to their home. The affair did not create much of a stir in Oklahoma,and the press dispatches mentioned it in half a dozen lines. It is only one little scene from the tragic drama enacted in that distracted county. - Nashville Banner

May 9, 1889 - Nashville has street cars run by electricity. They were only started last week.

Aug 1, 1889 - A movement is on foot to remove 400 Apaches, including Geronimo's band,from Mt.Vernon Barracks in Alabama to the Cherokee Reservation on Smoky Mountain on the line between Tennessee and North Carolina. The move will be to better the health and general condition of the Indians.

Sep 5, 1889 - Postmaster General Wanamaker has offered a reward of $1,000 for the arrest and conviction of any person having made an armed attack on any stage coach or railroad train carrying United States mail.

Oct 24, 1889 - W. M. Surratt, of McNairy county, Tenn.,died on the 9th inst, at the age of 86. At the age of 21 he married, his wife being but 13. They lived happily together until last September when Mrs.S. died at the age of 79. The had 15 children 86 grand-children,and 28 great-grandchildren. - Corinth Herald

- A cowboy, last week engaged in the pastime of shooting at Bob Ford, the man who killed Jesse James.

Jun 26, 1890 - The Capital of Louisiana will probably be moved from Baton Rouge to New Orleans.

- Tomorrow one hundred and four years will have past since a few men, with all the British hosts and American Indians as their enemies, declared that the citizens of the original thirteen colonies should be free and independent.

Dec 18, 1890 - The latest report from Indian country is that Old Sitting Bull had been killed. The Indian police went to arrest him and in the melee that followed he was killed. It is thought this will precipitate a small war between the whites and Indians.

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